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What is a promise ring and should you use one to propose?
9th Oct 2019 | Posted by Christian Poed

What is a promise ring and should you use one to propose?

There's actually not a strict definition for a promise ring - it can hold different meanings to different people. Generally, though, it expresses a commitment to a significant other. Sometimes they are given as a sign of friendship, or the "promise" of a future proposal. More commonly, they are used as a temporary engagement ring.

Promise rings can come in many forms. Some are made from expensive precious metals covered in gemstones, some from plastic, other times it could be as simple as a Haribo sweetie ring! They come in many unique designs and can be worn on any finger or even as a necklace. All of these factors will depend on what the promise ring represents from the person gifting it.

Here at Sarah Phillips Jewellery, our promise rings are a temporary engagement ring and our customers have used this option for lots of reasons. We've put together this page to give you everything you need to know about promise rings - from why to purchase one to how much you should pay.

What's the meaning of a promise ring?

Promise rings can be given as an expression of feelings between two people, whether that's friendship or something more profound. Sometimes they are given as a sign of being in a relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend, or they can be a commitment to a marriage proposal. Whatever your reason for giving someone a promise ring, be clear about what it represents. In a proposal situation (whether that's going down on one knee where you first met, or a romantic getaway), it will be obvious what a promise ring represents. But if you're giving it to a close friend as a sign of friendship, then be clear about what it signifies so that there's no confusion!

Some of our customers don't even refer to our rings as promise rings; to them, it's a temporary engagement ring, which brings us to:

The top three reasons to consider a promise ring to propose with:

1# You want to involve your partner in choosing their engagement ring.

It's becoming increasingly common for a couple to choose an engagement ring together. Not only does the person wearing the ring get to provide input, but it can be an exciting first task together as an engaged couple. Choosing something together can be very symbolic and bring the two of you even closer together. It also allows you to talk about future plans for your wedding rings, so that the engagement ring design sits nicely with the wedding ring.

2# You're proposing abroad (or travel frequently).

If you're planning a romantic proposal aboard, a promise ring is a great choice. It's low cost, so it takes away the pressure of carrying an expensive item abroad, and the cost of insuring it. When you return from your holiday, you can trade in the promise ring for the engagement ring with us, and receive the price back. Or, keep it as stunning back-up for future trips where you don't want to take an expensive and highly sentimental engagement ring.

3# You aren't sure about the design to choose.

Lastly, you may just really not know what type of design your partner would like. They may not wear jewellery, nor talk about it that much, and so it's entirely reasonable to involve them in choosing something they love to wear forever.

Should I buy a promise ring?

The option of a promise ring definitely takes the pressure off the proposal, which is already nerve-wracking! Having a temporary engagement ring means you can focus on making the proposal itself extra special, and feel more at ease knowing you can choose the actual engagement ring together.

With all the above said, there are still compelling reasons to buy an engagement ring rather than a promise ring. Our experience tells us that if you choose a classic engagement ring design such as a single solitaire, you can rarely go wrong! In fact, we specialise in these hand-picked designs because of their popularity and pair them with perfect diamonds. Plus, some prefer the thought and romance of an engagement ring rather than a promise ring. What you choose will come down to your personal situation. Need help deciding? We'll be happy to chat over phone, Email or WhatsApp to give some personal advice!

Why buy a promise ring from Sarah Phillips Jewellery?

  • Our promise rings are low-cost but high quality, to give that "wow" factor when proposing.
  • You can choose a size of cubic zirconia that matches your budget for the eventual engagement ring.
  • They come in a range of classic engagement ring designs.
  • Fast delivery within 14 days, perfect for a spontaneous proposal.
  • You can trade in the promise ring when purchasing your engagement ring with us, and we'll give you the full cost of the promise ring back.
  • We've helped many happy customers with promise rings!  See our customer reviews.

How much should I pay for a promise ring?

What you pay for a promise ring depends on what it signifies. If your promise ring is a sign of friendship, then what you decide to pay is really up to you - there are no clear customs to follow.

Our high-quality silver promise rings start from just £100 and are meant as a temporary engagement ring, to be replaced by a permanent engagement ring in the future.

What do I need to know when buying a promise ring?

We offer a range of promise rings that mirror classic engagement ring designs. Once you've picked your design, all you need to choose is the carat of the cubic zirconia, to match the future budget for the permanent engagement ring. This will avoid any disappointment with the size of the real diamond when you choose the engagement ring together. For example if your future engagement ring budget is around £1000* you'll need to select a 0.30ct sized CZ (cubic Ziconia) featured in the Promise ring.

For more information on choosing a promise ring Call us on 0208 068 6650, Email or WhatsApp.

* This price is based on a platinum solitaire engagement ring, featuring a 0.30ct GIA-certified, round brilliant-cut diamond, D colour, VS2 clarity, with an excellent cut, polish and symmetry with no fluorescence. This price is to be used as a guide only and may fluctuate.

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